Recommend me some Players

Between my Main and Laker Squads

I’m at about 510 Tokens

I have 75k, only ones I can sell are Draymond/Melo/Russell

Draft and Ultimate Sets are both locked

I’m about as late to the base 11 train as possible, but I stopped using the shot meter about a month ago and now I can shoot with ak/granger. They are awesome in my 12-13 spots.

Only card you need, opal ak47


I’ve though about TMac but, I have the PD locked and I don’t see too much of an upgrade over the PD.

But maybe, Tmac was my favorite player at one time over Kobe when he was in his prime

Maybe I’ll give him a shot, I’m not too much into the meta and not that great with base 11

J.R. Smiff

I got the pd locked and he feels supercharged as an opal

AK is a must imo JR is fun. Scal is a goat

Not even the meta of his shot it’s everything else he does that makes him earn a spot on any roster

Don’t sell Melo

That’s a top 10 card

The best auctionable cards that you don’t have are AK47, Bird, Arenas, and David Robinson

If you don’t like base 11, get Bird

When you get to 750 tokens, get McHale or Worthy

McHale is the most complete card in the game

Worthy is the best offensive weapon

Butler is good but not on their level

I was thinking of getting AI for fun on this token run lol

I already have Worthy

Don’t want McHale cause he’s a Celtic.

I want to try Robinson, if the price is right and badging is there, I’ll probably go for it


You only hurt yourself lol

AI is fun

Drexler is fun

Richmond is a fun flamethrower but you have Klay so you know what that’s like

If you liked base 11 I’d say get Frazier. Really wish I had that card.

Only card there I’d consider selling is Dray. Melo is goated and Bill Russell is stupidly good as a rebounder and defender. I’d get AK for Dray, he’s a top 5 card on the game imo.

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Facts all day

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