So is there some special setting to stop giving up offensive rebounds? What is the secret? I lose the rebound battle every game dont matter what card tier I am facing. My starting bigs are PD Jabbar and PD Griffin then off the bench PD Lucas DI Gasol or Amy Embiid. I set my defensive settings to crash boards but nothing I seem to do matters. Then what pisses me off the most is when I play perfect post defense and force a bad shot then the guy that shot the ball gets his own rebound. It has to be something I am doing wrong becuae my guys be postion to get the ball but dont. I can only boxout one as user.

just get used to it. Its like that every year… :upside_down_face:


Yea man. If you don’t manually rebound your playing the lottery with that rebound

step 1 - stop offball with your center

U need to manually box out and go for the rebound… its hard.
Btw dont use crash on boards on defense. Set that to the avarage option. Your bigs still go for the rebs but your guards stick with their matchup on the perimeter or u have easy fast breaks if u get that rebound.