Rebounding TT Event Until 4-19?

Not sure what rebounds means but it looks like its triple threat offline related.

does that translate to rebounds?

Looks like it. It matches the code used for the Diamond contract in the glitched market.

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it was the same with dunk in tto.

nothing happened there. but when this was they released this your turn backward code for J.R - expecting something like this

If i play TT , is that bigger chance to get diamond contact in “Glitched market” ?


When, can u explain ?

If it’s like the DUNK thing from last week, it’s just more MT in TT Offline from rebounds.

In this case maybe you’ll see an extra 5k MT if you grind all weekend long


Prob for an extra 3 mt lmao


Let me know when CPU DM cards start missing shots in TT so I can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity


off topic but tell me why i run diamond haliburton and two golds only to get matched with dm zion :rofl:

Could we PLEASE get some transparency on what this actually means? Lmao

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No disrespect to you personally—but at this point who really gives a shit about this cryptic stuff?

It’s like they are targeting this to young teenagers and detective DBG.


Honestly, you’re right lol

It’s just terrible practice from the MyTeam devs, even more so than a lot of things in the past


Getting Lue early in the season would have been nice, but now I’m getting JR within hours so what’s the point.

It matches with frank too bad it has nothing to do with him though sadly.

How many rebounds do you need in a game?