Rebounding issue

Okay so my bigs are wilt and Malone and on my bench I have Timmy and bill

Idk what I’m doing wrong but these players are constantly out rebounded by smaller players like shooting guards and sf even when they are in position… anyone have any ideas how to help the rebounding and yes I set crash the glass on

Crash the glass means that your perimeter players won’t box out, but run for the rebounds which often leads to opposition guards getting the boards.

Even without that, it’s unfixable and infuriating at times.

I manually box out as much as possible. Even if my guy doesnt get it usually a teamate does.

That’s also one of the problems for me.

I’ll switch to my big who hasn’t already boxed out and box out with him, but other big who should grab a clean rebound won’t even jump half of the time.

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When steph jumps up and outrebounds Malone wilt and worthy at the same time it makes me wanna throw my controller

Don’t use Karl at the 4, try someone like AD or D Rob.

Height is everything.

It’s not just Karl.
It just happens.
There are quarters where every rebound magically ends in your opponent’s hands.
Happened even when I had Timmy/Wilt combo.

True that does happen, lowkey this David Robinson at the 5 has been destroying anybody for me on the boards at the 5.

It’s funny because rebounding seems to be his weakest stat, but he constantly dominates GO Wilt for me on both ends.

Call it equalizer or maybe just his athleticism.

By the end of the game the rebounds will look even but I swear the stretches where I’m getting destroyed on the boards is stupid, this was happening to me when I had wilt at the 4 and sabonis at the five also

I’m not sure which of these settings are doing the trick, but I used to have the same problem and now I never get out rebounded. It’s so nice to not give up a million offensive boards.

Post Position - behind.

PRE-Rotate- Yes

Crash Boards - Defense

Limit Transition - Offense

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