Really easy to go 12-0 right now

Really light competition right now with all the bans. If you have time tonight, would suggest you go on your run now.

Just went 12-0 in 3-4 hours, at 81 overall. Several rage quits and no sweats really.


Who you runnin?

Series 2 Okobo
Series 2 KCP
PD Paul George
Opal Kareem
S Mur


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how many overall cheesers u run into? like teams like urself (not to be rude😂)

because i don’t have kareem😂

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None, it’s really easy right now

bet thanks. recommend me using a budget amythest team or build a team with PDs and opal broy

I don’t know about that. Just ran 4 games with a 93 overall and was matching up with 98 god squads. 3/4 had giannis/lebron at point.

No help
No help

Turn help defense slider to zero in coach settings

4 out 1 in
Hawks 2018

Quick 4 Horns Flare
Punch 5 Flare Rip

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Took the advice and dude had GO Dwight at PF and GO Kareem at C

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Your overall way too high if your trying to get favourable match ups. 89 the highest I’d go. And that’s still too high. Anything lower than 86 the sweet spot


Easy if you don’t run into cheesing yao users

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Ahh some of my money plays from years gone by. Are they still in the current Magic playbook?

Heat 2013 PB