Really 2k?

1 point away from completing the 50 point moments challenge and Tom goes down. Just one point. Why.


This would really piss me off haha I’ve had one injury my whole time playing

This was my first injury this year. It’s not like this challenge is super tough or any thing, but couldn’t it have happened like 1 play later when I would’ve had probably 51.

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Yeah that’s rough man. :frowning: 2K gives us like a million injury cards in packs but you can’t use them in a game when you need them of course


I just played my first game of the day and my Ben Simmons got injured. Maybe 2K increased the chance of injuries? This is only the second one I’ve seen.

That happend to me during a dwight block challenge vs the lakers. Needed 1 block and was about to call my final 3 timeouts