Really 2k

Ok so I sold of my account and team made a nice profit. Hopped on my roommate account just to check out the market, this is what happens:

  1. On my account I hadn’t gotten a promo pack in forever both times I get on his there was one

  2. $0.99 bundle promo 15k VC and 5 moments packs

  3. “You received a gift from 2k” Two free packs and 5k VC

Just was sharing this to piggyback on the way 2k analyzes player engagement and puts out promos to increase sales.

Yeah they know what they are doing. This is something @Petravork may want to add or already added to his article. Because I guess you can’t turn them off and parents can’t control what kids get sucked in to…

I bet they have a whole department just experimenting with this stuff that is bigger than the whole game developing workforce…

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Lol i got the game itself for free. You’re just waking up now :slight_smile:

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Naw I already knew about it just was sharing an experience

Me too.
I felt for that one last time.


2K gave me the number 3 one. Didnt pull anything tho