Realistic Guesses for Cavs Throwback Elites

Who do you see as the most likely candidates to be Cavs Throwback Elites? Almost every team has more than one TE, and they’ve generally gotten better as time has gone on. I’d expect 3-4, with a PD and possibly 2 Diamonds. Some of the possibilities:

PD LeBron - Championship season or one of his two MVP seasons in Cleveland. This card would be from before or after his Heat peak, which means this wouldn’t mess up the projected GO release at the end of this set of Anniversary players
PD Kyrie - Final season in Cleveland where he averaged 25 PPG. In my estimation, the only other Cavalier worthy of a PD
Diamond Mark Price - I went back and forth on Price, because I’ve seen others mention him as a possible PD. He was an incredible 3PT and FT shooter who made four all-NBA teams (one 1st ,three 3rds) and was top 10 in MVP voting four times. If 2K goes by 1990-91 season (16.9 PPG, 10.4 APG, 2.6 SPG) and want to save PD LeBron and Kyrie for later, he’ll probably be the pick. A card with Curry-like 3 point ratings, 90+ passing and steal ratings plus some HOF shooting badges would make him very intriguing, even though the meta is huge PGs
Amy/Diamond Brad Daugherty - Five-time All Star and double double machine with impressive assist numbers for a big man. His game doesn’t fit at all in the meta because he didn’t shoot 3s and wasn’t fast, which would likely mean he’ll be one of the cheaper Diamonds
Amy/Diamond Zydrunas Ilgauskas - Two-time All-Star who is misremembered and misrepresented by 2K as a 3-point shooter. That’s a plus for us because he’ll probably have a 90+ 3-point rating despite going just 31/100 from 3 for his entire career. His sweet spot on the pick and fade was actually the midrange, but if the 3 on this card is juiced, look out
Amy Mo Williams - Mo actually made an All Star team, which is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. Still, this would be a cheap, fun card with a 90+ 3PT rating

Another other possibilities? Maybe an Amy Kevin Love (awesome shot release), Amy Austin Carr, or Amy World B. Free (this card would be super fun)


I hope we’ll get a PD Lebron. If we get a PD Mark Price I’m gonna snap cause he clearly doesn’t deserve it

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Throwback PD Lebron VS Anniversary PD Lebron

They have so many other money making ways to release LeBron cards.

This ain’t it


Did I sell you a PD Lebron towards the end of 2K18? Your name looks super familiar.

You might’ve! I remember asked people on 2KMTCentral to post a 98ovr LeBron with an awesome Diamond shoe and I’d pay 450K for it. Was it you that put him up?

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Yeah! That was it!

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Welcome to 2KG! You should like this place much better than 2KMTC :+1:t3:


Thanks! I’ve only been here a few weeks and I can already tell it’s way better. 2KMTC was a shit-show even when I left at the end of 2K17. Now it’s totally dead


Yeah, everyone migrated here a while back lol. We actually have active mods here (me being one of them), so feel free to hit any of us up if you need anything.


Harden has his 4th card, now it’s Lebron’s turn as usual lol.


They gonna take away this Lebron too?


He has 4 too already lol saph, ammy and 2 :gem:’s

Forgot the sapph but y got the point anyway :sweat_smile: There has to be a total of 24 Harden + Lebron cards by the end of the year.

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Only 24? Going for a small release this year i see lol

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If we get PD LeBron. Are they going to take it away?.. oops nevermind.

PD Big Z or riot!

I was thinking PD Kyrie would make sense

He wouldn’t break the game – fits them dropping small PGs as PDs for now (Arenas, Paul, Kidd, etc)

Then his 3rd set anniversary could be a GO & this would be the main Kyrie card for a long time

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It just wont, pretty much. All throwback elites except few rare cases are retired players.

There is a lot of current players in TBE – just off top of my head:

Both Gasols, Iguodala, Draymond, Rose, DJ