Realistic first day lineups

drop what your first squad will look like before larry and mourning. Assuming I pull kd :joy:

alvin williams
evo vince carter
doug christie
charles oakley
antonio davis

lets get it


Lol noooooo I want Shai to MYSELF

Repping them raps I likey. I’m torn between Hakeem and tracy

Or here me out

Evo Tmac
Silver VC
Doug Christie


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Depends on actual stats/badging and pricing but probably

Curry, Klay, Kawhi, Dirk, Embiid

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i forgot dwade. replace jamal with him and im good

I see you making those big assumptions on Tmac being PG :rofl:

Silver Jahlil (endgame big)

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Steph - Klay - Giannis - Porzingis - Hakeem

Fun Rookie/Sophmore Lineup
Trae - Huerter - Luka - Zion - Jaren Jackson
Ja - Garland - RJ - Bagley - Bol Bol

I may use Cp3 or gold IT

So is lafrentz the wave? Never heard of this guy

If mayor McCheese is using him he’s gotta be good

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Dont care
Dont Care
Dont Care


He was a really good sniper in 2k19

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I still can’t believe that I can’t play with Porzingis at the 2 anymore, it was really fun

Honestly it depends what secondary positions Dwade and Tmac would have

Dwade, Tmac, VC, Porzingis, and any good 7+ Center

If Tmac gets PG secondary instead of SF I’ll probably swap him and Dwade

You getting vince and tmac? Or is there emerald reward versions

I’m going to get the evo tmac and the gold league vc or maybe he’ll be silver lol hopefully he’s gold

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