Real Question How am I'm suppose to stop Giannis

I hop into a unlimited and this card is aids. I had Kd on him for a second then put mr fundamental aka Tim Duncan on him. He kills him. I decide to run my Giannis(Got bump steal 3 times🤕) at sf pf Raef Center Drob. I put Drob him and Giannis murder the bicep. Start of the 4th I try to run zone and my opponent makes every shot. All he did was baseline/hotstep with Giannis which resulted in me turning off my console. Now I’m sadden I’ll never get Baron Davis.


You can’t. I have his Diamond at the 4

Put X on him


It foreal so dumb how op hotsteps are in this game.

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Shades of the old Carlo

Hot-stepping Tutorial:


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Dont feel bad bro. I was a POTM guy last year. I think i only missed 1 cuz of workin alot. But i can’t even get to double digit wins this year? But my point is ur much better then me. U can figure this shit out. I sure cant :joy::joy:

All I can think of atm is the D setting “double team on the catch.” Won’t work great in transition but should slow down G in the half court sets.

One guy shut my Giannis down. I had like 14 dimes though.

This was basic Heat Check Giannis before any boosts. He just sagged wayyyyy off and when I tried to hit em with the hop step he let the cpu control the defender.

He also digged on the post and doubled on drives lol

With that said a fully lit Giannis can get an 84 three ball so you cant sag off.

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Arrow to the knee