Real money play vs cpu

Just hold triangle/Y to make your pg cut.

I will upload more money plays to this channel later.

Maybe even full playbook breakdowns.


DBG posted something like this run at the players and cut

Yeah, but that wasn’t a play, just manual cutting during fastbreaks.

Yeah my fist 21 delay does nothing like this?

I figured it out but this is limited because you can’t properly set it to run for any player so it doesn’t help evo

Bruh this has been my playbook for the last 2 years! Now everyone gonna price fix it :rofl:

That is a great play even when not cheesing the CPU

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Sorry :slight_smile: But people have problems with scoring right now, so I have to give them something. At least I didn’t show the other option :joy:

Also I think a lot of people know this play already. It’s not the biggest secret in myteam.

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lol im not upset at all glad to see my Knicks playbook getting some love! A lot hidden gems in the playbook :shushing_face:

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I actually wanted to upload 2 other plays from another playbook, but it’s not in the auction house yet, so I’ll do it later.

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I like this one better. Seems like it’ll work 100% of the time

Does it have to be point guard?

Yeah, works basically every time. I can recall only one time it didn’t work for me.

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Can I do this with Kevin Garnett lol

I think it works only for pg and sg.

Oh wow, I’d forgotten all about this play. This was “The Cheese” last year that preceded QTSTS.

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You should be able to assign whomever. Look for the “assign player” in the play selection screen.

It doesn’t work like that with fist type plays. Only players with P&R ball handler (or P&R point/wing) plays in their arsenal can trigger those plays. But in this case I’m not even sure if it isn’t limited to pg/sg only. I will try later with sf/pf Simmons and let y’all know. Anyway Garnett can’t trigger this play 100%, even if you assign it to him.

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My bad then. :frowning: