Real life card collectors help!

So my youngest started going through some old cards

I can’t seem to find value on this

Also he has Kawhi and Giannis rookie cards


Any help would be appreciated


@ItsMeCaiden might be able to help ya


found the Giannis on amazon for 300 dollars lol

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found another for 800 on a sports site

nevermind that’s the auto

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Does the picture of the Giannis cards work i can post another if not

they don’t show the auto in the picture tho…weird

it does i’ll look again rq and keep lookin

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the pinnacles for Giannis are like 200 dollars a piece on ebay

6 Giannis rookie cards

can’t seem to find that kobe tho

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I can’t find the Kobe either

in mint or near mint that nba hoops giannis is like 500 on amazon

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Oh damn!

yeah giannis ones are pretty valuable lol

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damn you got a lot of rookies

found the base kobe now i gotta find the holo one