Ready to pick my 3rd GO. Want to help? - case closed

Any suggestions?


Get ai and enjoy you’re already good

I’m guessing you picked Worthy over Pettit? I went away and didn’t see who you ended up getting.

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Elgin is so slept on. With that squad, I would definitely go Elgin and run him at SG over J.R.

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Yes bro! Picked Worthy :innocent:
I haven’t regretted it he is the real deal

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Good choice! :sweat_smile:

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Worthy! Depends what you want though. Your team is already good enough so you could just pick a fun player like AI or Baylor.

I would love to exchange J.R. Smith to a GO but there are no GO SGs with 3pt plays! IMAGINE THAT!

Get Worthy and iso quick 3 will be your best friend.

I know that play like the back of my hand :). It’s in lots of playbooks. Really good play - true.

Hows Walt for you?

Love him. After the patch :). He’s not that short. Can dunk like crazy. He has fast release can shoot really well. Before the last patch I ran Magic now I run Walt.

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Allen Iverson
The Answer

Worthy is not worthy no more, go for Pettit

Case closed.

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Dont take anyone. Buy Jordan.

Wait for the update to the token market.

Too late man. I got Bob. But it’s ok I’m still going for those 3k tokens. :slight_smile: Maybe I will afford GO MJ in a week or two.

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Lmao you’re back!

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