Ready for that PD joe Harris?

Gonna be a disappointment or what

Dude gonna have a crazy high 3 and good badges

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I’ll want him


100k bin


It’ll be an Amy

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Fuck you Joe.



Trolling Joe Harris

Real glad I’ve gone back to madden. Wouldn’t catch me bangin with a pd joe harris

If Tatum was a diamond only then I honestly think a 90 Ovr Harris is inbound

I posted this right after he went too lol, bummer curry couldn’t tie it

Tatum has hof Limitless gg

6’6" two guard with crazy shooting badges, he’ll be fun yall

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Still tho super crappy that it was him over another curry or a good heild.

Let’s be honest that rewards heild would be instantly a must with its combo of stats and badges but instead it’s a joe harris

Harris is a 6’6 slow SF. Most Likely an Amy card

his jumper is like beal + love but it is slow asf

They’ll Juice him

So happy joe Harris won so I get to see all you people pout and cry lmao


I’m glad it was Harris due to height, but it’s unfortunate be won’t be anything but a high Amy or low diamond

What a quality community focused post by you

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