Re-Release of HOF, High Voltage, Chinese New Year Packs etc

So they’ve just re-released the old Packs to suqeeze us like hell. Keep your VC/MT for tomorrow guys !

a L again

Just to reeeeeeeally screw anyone who thought the moments had already hit rock bottom and locked for oscar last night.


I‘m even more curious what they gonna release tomorrow tho. Must be sth huge if they really want people spending a ton VC/MT the day before.

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Man, is it just me, or do things seem even nuttier now than it did around this time with 2K18?

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It’s really insulting the effort they put out to make money rather than improving the game and satisfying the customers


BTW 70k vc for a Madness Box must be a fault or nah !? Everything else is 135k a box like they were before

I couldn’t agree more

I think the people that vc glitched made 2ks number way better looking than they actually are

So ban the VC glitch guys… Dump content and try to recoup actual money

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Not even worth going for PD Tmac because they’re gonna release a locker code for him just like they’ve done for the most expensive card in every other set


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Reason number 1 why I’m against locking in players.

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You‘ should be right on this one

Great point. Those exploits threw a huge wrench in the “Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers don’t” adage.

Good thing i decided not to hold on to 3d Larry i pulled from TTO yesterday

What a timing, I just put DRob and PD Allen up, guess they won’t sell lol

Here’s a clip of me pulling a bunch of these packs. Tip of the house, stay away from these packs!:wink:

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