Ray, Devin or Klay?

Who got the best release for the PD versions? Thinking about adding an shooter to Vince and KD.

Get Drexler imo.

His release is insanely fast and he can do everything.

His handles are also insane, some glitchy speed.

Damn I already have PD Jordan and I had Drexler but nah his release too crazy for me, I need that butter smooth release like KD, Larry, Vince.

If you like fast releases devin but klay has the best overall release

Klays release is comparable to KD, fast and smooth.

I haven’t tried out any Devin cards, and I loved the Diamond version of Klay when I had him a couple months back, the PD version worth the upgrade right?

Eh kinda. He can catch and shoot for sure. PD just has slightly better handles.

I honestly prefer ASG Kuzma, this dude is an absolute god and can again, do everything on the floor.

Hmm really? He got a nice release? Badges big for me but I’ll give him and Devin a try if you think they’re worth trying out.

I know Klay’s release and like his card overall though

Kuzma can body anybody inside and has insane post animations, his release is a bit slower but still very easy to hit. Glides across the floor with those huge strides and can dunk on anyone.

He has better badges just not limitless.

Put him at the 3 or 2 and watch him go crazy.

Ray allen is killing it for me in tto. Hes amazing man.

Avg 11 ppg, 2.1/3.1 3pg

you want a shooter go get Karl Malone cause according to 2k he’s just as good as ray klay and steph who are only some of the greatest shooters of all time