Ray allen´s shot

I would really like to ball with him but i miss every open shot with him.
Should i stick with him ??

no ?

you use player you like in real life if you want to play for fun

you use player who fit ur playstyle and you are confortable with if you want to play for win

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it’s too slow for his height. I packed him last night and sold immediately after testing the shot a bit.

It’s actually really easy to green once you get the timing of his hitch down but you are never getting an open shot off against someone that knows how to play D.

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Release it before you think you should. Try this, then sell.

His catch and shoot doesn’t feel much slower than Klay’s to me and people rave about his release. That being said, it certainly is weird the way he drops the ball to his waist and if you don’t like it I’d sell him back. His pull ups 3s are certainly pretty slow

If any player in this game is more deserving of base11 than the all time leader in 3pters made, its Ray. Just a shame every year how unusable his card is, comparatively.

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He has the same badges as Klay - not as good of D, but better on the drive.

I am smashing 3’s with him - but I used the Amy for awhile. Jesus Shuttlesworth isn’t for everyone…but if you know how to pop with him. GG

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What shoes yall put on him?

Just practice. It’s WAY better than last year. Now that I’ve got it. Ray’s locked in on my Dimer/3pt. Squad. He’s a beast.

Just get used to it, once you do hes a monster out there with magic throwing him the ball, you arent gonna get another diamond with those shooting badges for his price for a long time in the game

White Jordan XXXI
Foul, dunk, pass, speed, steal. Gets him to 99 speed with dantoni

Very true, always try and release early rather than late, easier to green and early goes in at a higher % than late does for some reason.

A player’s shot animation doesn’t become faster if you release earlier. It’s just a placebo.

This is a Lag / visual thing.

Ahh, sorry! I thought you were referring to your Jokic theory :joy:

His cards been out what 2 days? I’ve never greened so much with a card this year already than I have since getting him

Picked him up for 75k

Only played 2 games so it’s not much but for now here’s my opinion

Shoot when he is open
If he is open, it’s in 9/10, even from limitless range

Defense is Meh, steal is okay

Didn’t tried his slashing abilities for now, but I love his behind the back dribble

His slashing is ridiculous. I knew he was a nice little dunker back in the day but nothing like the way he throws in down w this Sonics card. They gave him one of the dirtiest but most unecessary dunk packages in the game, he’s like young Kobe out there


Get the jordan drawfoul/steal/speed shoe and its a gg. I run him over klay for one reason, he is alot faster to the spot and creates extra space since u have to guard from limitless but can drobble into the paint one on one too. U may miss some shots u expect but he creates more oppourtunities then other cards. If hes guarded in the corner and covered, his shots not high or fast enough to get a non contested shot like klay/kirilenko/granger so u have to run plays for him.