Ray Allen and Parish Price

Anyone have a price check on these two ?

Worthy is not a auctionable card.

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Damn! Not even a couple k

What would you expect from the Ruby TBE? Especially with a Diamond Ray Allen that’s going for like 40-50k

Was a let down that it was Ray they gave the Ruby TBE to

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I think he’s talking about Robert parish

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Yes, not sure why I said Worthy

They were both 2K or less earlier

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Wasn’t expecting much lol, just curious

I would assume the allen is almost nothing price wise, slightly less than nothing for the parish

Parish 1500 mt lol


Ray is basically a quicksell card

Just got Parish for 900mt. Not bad card either. Mid range is money with release and full hot zones within the arc. And good D

You know you’re a budget baller when you’re asking about the cards ppl quick sell


Budget squad for sure! Pretty solid regardless tho

Ruby Ray Allen is godly on equalizer lineups. He plays like his diamond if used correctly.

quick sell 800 and Quick sell 1000

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Just sold Ray Allen for 2k so not quite

Whats your lineup looking like?

First time opening a big box all year because of saved up VC and a giftcard definitely helped the squad. Not sure who to put in what position

Got both for 600. Good for the card count. Ray seems fun for tto

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