Rate this lineup?


What changes would be good for this lineup?

Swap Mutombo and Tim
And maybe switch Magic in as backup PG, move CP3 to bottom 3, and get a new pack up PF or C.

Only thing I’d look to improve is having at least one quick release shooter w/ starters and bench.

You can get Opal token reward , it will be a big improvement ,but still a 8/10 now imo

I’ve struggled with the quicker releases some this year. I had limited arenas for a while but the quick release threw me off with all of the shorter releases

Now good Centers are all at a high price ,so if you can get GO Wilt it might be great!

I agree. My next power move is an OP center. Mutombo is great but it would be nice to have a center that can shoot. Preferably a pink diamond center that can shoot

Magic/Jordan/PG13 or (Kuzma)/ShootingPF/Mutombo or Duncan

GO Wilt can shoot well if you don’t see his stats you’ll think he has 80 open 3

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Buying Sabonis is risky now

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I would Suggest Getting AK.

Can’t stand the hedo and AK cheesers. Don’t want any part if that on my team

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You could put them at SF. It’s not cheese there or PF AK

Can you stand Worthy cheeser :rofl: he’s a better Granger imo with HOF D stopper

Is putting Worthy at 2 cheesy?

maravich at starting 2 … good luck my friend

Sg is his best position imo


Worthy I can deal with just because he’s an opal and whoever has him had to work hard to get him. But nobody has to work hard for 50k hedo, and AK isn’t that hard to get either

Only thing I’m sure at is those who spam pick and fade with ak and hedo at 1 are cheeser.
Go worthy at 2 is not cheese.

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