Rate these cards on current gen





What’s everyone’s opinion on these 4 cards?

KD : idk
LeBron : meh shot
Tmac : idk
Odom : slow af

might suit some gameplays but it definitely doesn’t suit mine

Haven’t used KD yet but he seems to be the best of the 4. Best jumper, crazy animations, 6’11, decent defense.

TMac is second. His offense is as good as wver but him being lockdown is ridiculous.

LeBron third here mainly because he can’t shoot corner threes which is where he usually is

Lamar is all around but doesn’t shine. He’s like Ben Simmons but slower with a jumper

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I’m thinking KD looks #1, and tmac is always a scoring machine

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  1. Lebron (and I don’t usually like his cards but he’s a beast)
  2. T-Mac (got him strictly for Hondo lock in. Not sure what he’s missing but just hasn’t clicked for me)
  3. Odom (ranking him 3rd overall but he’s WAY cheaper than the others, so kind of unfair. Good value.)

N/A KD - Too expensive for me to even rent for XP. But I never like his cards. I’ve tried to like him with every single one of his 2K20 and 2K21 cards and I just can’t master his shot.

Ok I’m gonna be honest… I think the big name players are overrated this year. The best PG in the game is either Luka (500K) or a FREE POINT GUARD drafted in the 5th round in 1958 (Don Ohl). The best SG is up for debate but to me it is John Havlicek. The best SF/PF is definitely KD. He can do it all on current gen. And the best center… I gotta say right now it’s either Moses Malone unless I’m really missing somebody.

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Yeah on Current Gen Hondo is easily the best SG.

If OP has the MT, do everything you can to lock Inferno. Because you get Hondo PLUS Lebron, T Mac, Simmons, Porzingis.

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Porzingis is just ok but yes all the other players in this set are filthy. A set worth locking if you got the cash

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AD has the normal 2 btb and shooting advantage over Moses. I feel like Hakeem is the best comparison to Moses.


Tmac And LeBron are incredible. Tmacs defense gets overlooked.

KD is a monster (havent used, but faced him in mtu plenty)

Odom looks slow (again havent used, but faced in mtu)

I run MJ,tmac,lbj at 2,3,4 respectively. Wouldn’t mind the KD and I would slide tmac to 2 and MJ to the auction house.

All of these will be my opinions so I’m sorry if I say something that someone hardly disagrees with but we can still talk about it.

Pros: an all around demon, can play on and off the ball, best to run at SF with that huge lenght on the wing and going at the rim has very good finishing animations slithering through players
Cons: very inconsistent shot, overpriced, awful defensive tendencies

Pros: amazing slasher at the PF spot with super speed and every stat juiced out, an end game lebron will have more hof shooting badges and better rebounding but this version is still usable for a long time (if you lock for hondo)
Cons: corner 3s, low rebounding stats, lack of hof clamps and range (in comparison to KD)

Pros: offensive machine, will get you easy 15-20 pt in a game, huge lenght at 7’2 wingspan so can be used at the SF position and can lock up all wings
Cons: mid dribble sigs, low post defense (interior defense and block), low rebounding

Pros: huge body frame, all around card, very good value/price, can be ran in any squad
Cons: feels very slow for his speed stats, mid defense and I couldn’t put him and trust him to guard a KD or Lebron on a game decisive possession, needs expensive shooting badge upgrades (deadeye, flexible), weird release (better than on the diamond, but still not so great), only major hof badge is intimidator

Final ranking:

  1. Lebron
  2. KD
  3. Tmac
  4. Odom

I’ve used all but TMac and I agree with your rankings. Odom is just ok and I’m sure TMac is better. TMac also doesn’t have quite the all-around game of LeBron and KD, who are god tier. I prefer LeBron slightly but mine has HOF Clamps and I’m also biased as a Cavs fan. Can’t go wrong either way.

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Totally with you here. What’s crazy to me is the amount of budget cards that are honestly top tier cards this year. For example, I’m running Ohl, Terry, Bridgeman (with range), Malone, and McAdoo and that is one of the best lineups in the game this year and I haven’t spent more than $30 since September. Awesome game for budget players this year

Have you noticed corner 3s w LBJ being a bit more successful lately, or am I just imagining it?

Solid rundown btw.

On Current, ranked:

  1. KD - one of the quickest shots in the game, longest and quickest card at 6’10+ in the game. Very long pause and can play passing lanes almost as well as Giannis

  2. Tmac - best badging in the game, shot is quick and easy green, nuff said

  3. Odom - y’all shitting on Odom too much for me. His shot is so nice, he’s long af with good enough sigs, good badging for 120k… primarily a slasher, but when you do take a 3, at least he won’t step over the line like the one below

  4. Bron - he’s nice on next gen, but I’m sorry Bron is dirt on current. I don’t ever remember getting cooked by him, and his habitual line stepping is such a bad thing. It’s almost as bad as having a non shooting C on the floor, I just leave him completely open in the corners. He’s a great slasher, but so are the other cards above him. He’s way too expensive for what he is on current

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They have been from the start, but in TTO, he hits a lot of corner 3s, but in 5v5 games not really

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