Rate my team

Can someone rate my team and what are the possible improvements?

If you’re looking for improvments, you could get GO Giannis to play PF, move Bird to SF and get GOAT Kareem to play C.

Not sure about Zion at the 3 tbh, but I haven’t tried him so can’t comment too much on that. Personally I’d move Bird to the 3 and someone like Giannis or a similar type of player at the 4.

And Embiid/Shaq over KAT at bench C. Other than that it’s more or less as good as it’s gonna get besides Kareem. I’d wait and see what they drop tomorrow though.

Backup C Embiid, put Siakam at 3 and get Leonard for 3 spot and you’re Gucci.

You don’t mind onyeka’s HOF step over the line?

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Good squad man. I’d move Bird to the 3, move Siakam from the bench to the 4. Get Eddy Curry to replace KAT. Don’t get me wrong I love Zion but I think that makes your starting more beastly. Even moving Wisemen to the 4 and adding Curry to the 5 would be a strong move I believe. I’d try both and see why you like best. Curry is pretty cheap and one of the best bangs for you buck imo.

Honestly though if you are looking for improvements I’d put how much MT you have. We can make suggestions like Kareem and Giannis all day but that’s useless unless you have the MT for those moves.

All in all 8.5 with the current squad. With those changes I think it goes up to 9

10 out of 10 , I would use different for my playstyle . But at this stage impossible not to be :sweat_smile: