Rashard or Charlie Scott?

I got Baron/Peja/Melo and have enough for my 4th diamond. Who do y’all think I should pick up out of these 2?

These are the only guys that would prob make my rotation. I have Curry/Baron but I might flip Steph as he’s been getting abused. Then my pf’s are KD/Issel. I’m undecided on who I should pick. Is Rashard better at 3 or 4?

Lewis and its not even close


@BasketballNeverStops how’s your collection going? Excuse me if I’m wrong, aren’t you trying to make it to AK47?

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I gave up I was 186 cards away with every card from here on out (silvers/HC/expensive moments costing me upwards of 2k. It was going to cost 375k plus for me to get Ak, at this stage of the game I didn’t think he was worth that. I’ll just have to settle for a future Moments Draymond who’s sapphire I loved.

Where is he best ran at the 3 or 4?

He is better at the 3 for me

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Same here. I would pick Rashard and run him as SF.

Can someone tell me why Rashard isn’t held in higher regard…? I look at his stats compared to the other diamonds and feel like he should be a 1st or 2nd selection based on his stats and height.

Also why is Baron so much better than Scott?

I’m getting very tempted to splurge my 630 tokens… I’ll have enough for 3 diamonds soon.


Baron is better defender, shooter, better animations. Scott is better dunker, but his release is slow AF and just awkard.

Shard: not a great defender, gets hot in one game, cold in another, pretty average card.


Yea I picked him up haven’t took him to mtu but in gauntlet he was ehh. His shot is weird it’s got a hitch. It’s all good though gonna need to get all these anyway.

Scott in the right hands I’m sure could be decent. I’ve had trouble with him at times but was defending him with Curry. I think the time has come to let Curry go while his offense is amazing it’s annoying always having to hide him. I’m eyeing Oscar

Yea this Rashard does nothing for me on offense or defense Wallace is 100x better and he’s got no 3pt plays

I don’t know what you’re all talking about. I went 10/11 for three with Lewis in one game for 49 points. With the right combination of a shoe and a coach his driving layup goes to 98 I believe. He’s very tall and rebounds really well too.

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Lewis close thread discussion over

He felt real clunky to me and that shot was just bad

Shard is one of those players where you need to know how to use him. That’s why alot of people don’t like him. If you know how to use him though he’s straight cash even if there’s a hand in his face

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What shoe did you put on Shard? I’m here to eat crow at the 3 I didn’t like him at he 4 though Rashard kinda killed it the past couple of games for me. If he’s open he’s automatic I got his shot down now.

Yeah i chose Melo then rashard … Man gets slept on he’s a goon even tho i barely use him now with too many other good cards

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I believe it was one of the red Nikes for SWB and ball control…

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