Rashard Lewis defense?

How is he on defensive side? I would play him at 3.

And do you feel his cold spots on the perimeter limit his shooting?

He’s a bit slow but he’s 6’10” so that helps :upside_down_face:

Hmm. I am thinking him or Westphal rn, would move Peja to 3 then. Not sure what to do.

I really don;t like Rashard at all. I have all the diamond rewards, and him and Peja are my least favorite 2.

He was my bench PF before Issel and he was pretty decent. His release is great and his cold spots dont limit him at all imo. He should do ok at the 3 but he’s a better 4.

Damn. Guess I am gonna stick to Thunder Dan then.

I really dont like any diamond reward bar Peja. :frowning: guess I will just hoard tokens until I have enough for Stockton.

I love Peja. Rashard is serviceable I think. I can even play him at PF against Durant, LJ

At the moment you’ll need all of the diamond rewards to even unlock the PD market

Willis Reed is OP in post, Baron/Charlie Scott both amazing, Lewis is a stud as well, he also get TONS of rebs due to his size, even offensive once, he also can contest a lot better, again, due to his size. Melo is amazing as well, did not like Camby much, he got pushed and rag dolled. Danthley can throw dont and is a speed demon but for a guard his 3 point shooting sucks balls.

Yeah, I mean just collect remaining 690 tokens and get Stockton directly.