Rashaad Lewis

If you’ve got this guy where do you slide him in your lineup? I was hoping he’d be a monster at 6’10” with speed boost but he’s just OK. Maybe I’m not using him the way I should? Also while I’m hear…how is magic this year? I’ve been running Luka and Harden and Stockton and like them all. I just need to change things up every now and then. I still have a whole spotlight challenge and a half.


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I’ve liked XMan a lot more

Yeah lol. Sorry I’m at work. Wasn’t thinking. Thanks for the catch.

Xman is an all around player, Lewis is a pure stretch 4 scorer has no defensive or rebounding badges so pick your poison

Yeah think I’m gonna bring him off the bench. He’ll pair with Wilt and Stockton nicely. I’ve had him starting at the 3 with Giannis at the 4 and lineup doesn’t seem to be as tight with him in. Doesn’t move like his stats show he should IMO.

Cause he’s not a ball handler so they won’t give him op dribble moves

He’s been an auto bucket for me as the starting 4

I think Kevin Durant is a better version of Rashard honestly. Way better badging and defense

Mine has a 3pt + speed shoe so 92 three and 86 speed which makes him very close in the only categories he’s worse in. Also silver intimidator and bronze clamps on KD is huge

Played with Rashard a couple games and put him back on the AH. Hard to justify 100K on players with no defense. Even the CPU takes advantage of you if your lineup has weak players on defense lol

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Glad it’s not just me. Shot feels funny. Moves sluggishly. That 86 ball handle is just bait. Not a player you can drive all the way to the rim.

Yeah he did feel sluggish. KD is definitely better by far. But KD is also way more expensive.

I got KD locked in. I’ll probably keep Rashad around for a bit. Maybe there are some good plays to get him open. I just want a little more height on a stretch 4.

Rashads shot is better, but Durant’s better at everything else. I didn’t use Lewis in a MTU game bc I didn’t want to like him, but in freestyle it’s just a flick of the stick

Idk if it’s just me but I really can’t get his shot down and get him to be consistently good for him. This is just for tto. I don’t really play mtu. I’m getting open shots with him but just can’t knock it down consistently. I hv tried no shot meter, meter by hands and feet but nothing. Idk why

Anyone hv any specific cues they look for during his shot animation that could help?

Rashad is superquick and green from 3 allday. And if you play onball def he can guard gianis well. Also good in transition. For me he is the best stretch 4 in game rn.

My 12th MTU game to get rewards like be like: