Rarity of prime player


I was on myteam when oscar got released but he seems rarer than the other prime signature cards from Prime II

Does it mean the last player is gonna be really pricy?

I think he’s rarer now bc there’s not really a point in owning him unless you’ve locked him in. For the price there’s way way better values at PG right now

The last player will be crazy expensive the first day, like pushing 700k easily. But after a week or so he will calm down to the 500-550k range. At least that’s how Oscar went because he wasn’t the best card of the set. If this 5th card is the best of the set like T-Mac was, he will stay crazy expensive

Also consider that the cycle is almost over so even tho it may cost a lot more MT to get the guy day one, waiting a week or even a few days is a much larger percentage of wasted time now than it was when Prime 2 finished up three months ago

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I’m thinking everyone is buying the series 3 now because the 5th card should drop this week I was looking early and pg is at 500 with 53 min left and only 20 on the auction house

i dont know why he is much rarer than other

its not because he is not used that he should be rarer, like if he is less useful he should be more sold and they should be more in the auction

i always see a lot of simmons, durant etc… but only a few oscar

Find me a cheap Tim Duncan while you’re at it.

duncan is rarer than the other PD? maybe less packs were opened that time

My guess is super packs Wednesday, final prime player Friday.

Except for a very short time, PD Duncan has always been expensive. :frowning:

more expensive maybe but is he rarer than stockton?

Oscar is rare?

on PC yes

i sold mine 900k just before the prime pack and some got to 1.5m

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I put one up 2 days ago on Xbox hopefully I get at least 250

this morning i woke up to see that i sold my Shoes+contract jabbar for 100050, my bosh for 100k and my jordan for 220k

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Oscar was the last prime player released from that set which means he was released the least amount of times in Prime super packs. People also didn’t rip like crazy for him when he dropped like they did for KD and Ben for obvious reasons, and KG though good did not entice enough to people to lock or rip packs to get Oscar to lock.


thanks for the explanation