Rare or $$$ auction cards

Thread for any cards worth alot of value, you may have collecting dust

  • Bucks playbook about 20,000 mt (PS)

  • Curry about 15,000 mt (PS)

  • Sapphire Bron 10,000 mt

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Sapphire Bron is 10k flat. Too much to keep.

Shaq at 120k + :joy:

Most injury cards are overpriced


Oh shit for real? I got him for 75k bin d1 lol looks like ima need to sell

I was going to buy that one but only had 65k mt haha

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13 heat playbook, I’ve made about 50k mt from flipping this playbook. 10kish plus.

why use 78 stamina when there is dwight howard with clamps, and deron williams is no better than ruby lillard (if the your decent at the game), these diamonds are not worth 70k mt for me, no less 120k :pensive:

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Ruby Anfernee Simons is big time slept on as a PG. card has a lot of great badges, pro 3 behind the back, good 3 ball.

Hes good, but not worth over 100k

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Is someone getting an error code on all time domination?

Yes. Since yesterday