Rare daily agenda W

camouflage ball from domination. glad I saw it in time


What does that ball lead up to?

Collector count and the fire ball if you are ambitious

I never get daily, or even weekly agenda ball rewards. I only get monthly ones and I didn’t even get that this month. I still need blue marble, gold silver ink, silver ink, and blue camo from agenda. Then I would need the pink diamond ball to finish the set.

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haha its alright, you got the main goal. im not really looking for the fire ball.

I got the same agenda two days ago. I’m still missing two of the agenda basketballs tho. They need to fix this


I need something to use tokens on if they don’t give us fire rewards though. Lol

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I’m 4 agenda balls from getting the fire ball but I have 2 in my monthly goals right now. Win 60 TTO (can be done in 2 days) and win 30 MTU (will take a week or so). Have barely started either but think I’m gonna start grinding out at least the TTO tomorrow. I really really want it. First time in 4-5 months getting goals for balls I needed, had been only for ones I already had

Wish they’d throw them in the vault again or something. I had one last month that was 60 Dom games for a ball I already have - I’m swinging at Ronnie if i get a 60 Dom game one for a ball I need


lol, i’m always getting the camouflage ball as a Daily Reward. Wish they would mix it up for myself with other types which I actually need