Rare 2k17 Cards Ps4

Offering up to 40k 2k18 mt for the following cards.
-92 Bob Mcadoo
-92 Bob Pettit
-89 Monta Ellis

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I have ligma, you want him?


I apologize for all the threads.

Do you want my ligma?

I have porzingis

S/o to @Ben, he was willing to go first and the whole deal went smoothly. Took less than 10 minutes.

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Ligma my balls

99 overall

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Anyone got that 97 Kawhi?

what is ligma?


ligma… troll dialect for lick my… aka…

“Have you seen ligma?”

thinks for a moment

“What’s ligma?”

sheepishly grins

“Lig mah bawls bitch!”

surrounding trolls and internet peoples laugh hysterically


Pshh… amateurs.



Ok, I’ve lucked into a ton of mt so I’m prepared to raise prices. 60k for Kawhi. Also if someone has Russell, Kobe, Barry, Heinsohn, and Horry, I’ll pay 250k mt.

I have kobe

One card alone is kind of useless though. I need Barry and Russell as well.

I’ll have to see who I have. Hold on

Sure, if I can complete PD MJ, you’ll get all my mt.

I’ll have to reinstall the game