Raptorsbenchmob Playbook Labbing who would tune in?

Thinking of doing live streams and going through playbooks and Labbing them in 2ku and then lab them in mtu

My stream is around 12am est to 8am let me know if
You would be interested in tuning in and also what books you would like to lab.

Cheers y’all

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Id rather watch you rage in TTO.

Hahahahahaha have you tuned in already ? Lol. That tto shit got me wild sometimes hahah. Its the close games where u get fucked by wide open misses drive me nuts

Ya I watched for 30 minutes or so the last couple nights…I think that going over playbooks you already know might be more interesting. Sounds like a good idea either way…good luck.

People could tune in and be grinding the game essentially while doing other stuff.

Yeeeee I have a handful of playbooks I can run pretty efficiently but I’m looking at finding some new books with double screens and PNR looks so thought I’d put them together. I usually like running mtu over tto. And am a heavy playbook orientated player. Even tho plays aren’t super comp. But there is some plays u can run that don’t take as much time to run. Wanna get some peeks off these double screens lol.
Ps thanks for tuning in bro !