Raptors playoff ticket prices

Standing room nosebleeds
1200 dollars…

Lower bowl 5/6k

Courtsides 17k

Bout to start a fundraising campaign or some shit lol


lmao 17,000 dollars GG


I’ve been to 2 different finals games in my lifetime so far. I will say there is nothing like it!

Sell some MT so you can get courtside seats. Then bring a 2KG poster with you and represent nationally


buy nosebleeds. scout out some empty seats in front. after halftime go to the seats and tell the usher your girls in the bathroom with the tickets

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Bruh ain’t no empty seats in the finals.

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Catch me courtside with drake :laughing: I’m gonna be giving Kerr massages

rich ppl dont care sometimes

We all know who Drake is rooting for

Drake gon have to go gods plan for people to get courtside seats

Bro i coulda used my mt money from giannis. But i didnt know raps were gunna make it lol

Court side seats are only like 170 million MT.

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Drake better be careful them Seminary dudes who show up to warriors game don’t mess around lmao

Game 1,5 and 7 already sold out lol

17k jeeeez

Hahaha Yesus Christ

Thats not even first row court side. Thats like second or third

Actually first row is like 50k i heard ? Lol

As a Warriors fan I haven’t even been to a Dubs game since Mark Jackson was coach lmao ticket prices are stupid high
It’s why you only see white Silicon Valley elitists showing up to games
If you can afford the 1200 that sounds like a really cool experience, but if you can’t just chill back and watch at home with a beer in hand, easy full court visibility, and a nearby bathroom my man

I love watching games at home

I can smoke doobies. Get belligerent and be in my underwear lol

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I’m legit screaming shouting and banging my chair at home lmao can’t do that in public
Especially at sporting events in the bay😭

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