Raptors playbook changed?

Anybody here uses the playbook? My plays changed and I don’t know if this is due to the playbook being changed or maybe the players.

They did add some hammer plays and 3 pt plays. But it shouldnt be a huge overhaul. I used it yesterday. Was fine

I could usually run the quick 2 drag with Mullin and he doesn’t have it now. Also changed my plays for Blake.

Isnt that drag option available in a normal double drag play. I feel like one of the double drag plays had very similar action to.the quick double drag play. I do hate how much they change the game. Playbooks. Sliders. So annoying. Add playbooks. Dont change them…

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I gotta play offline and check it out. I noticed while playing MTU and it’s not the right time to mess around trying to find out plays.

They need “dynamic” playbooks and day 1 launch playbooks. I brought this up to Czar years ago hoping he could reach the Myteam people but I guess it makes too much sense lol

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