Raptors Clippers game. Kawhis return

Who is watching ? Raps were down by 20. Now a 5 pt game

Nice to see them fight back. But Jesus we need to get better at starting games. Hope we can squeeze this win out. We need a big win. It’s been 4 games that have been pretty ass tbh lol

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You’re not worthy!!! :broken_heart::broken_heart:

Wish Freddie was playing :frowning:

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Also love this throwback court

I remember when DeRozan was still there and Vanvleet was closing out games for Toronto. I questioned that but when I watched him close a few games I knew Vanvleet was getting paid soon

The question and the answer


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Vanvleet gunna be able to command a lot in FA. I just hope raps sign him no matter what …he’s got that winners DNA in him. He makes big clutch plays and shots

His balls are the size of the state of Illinois

Hes a starting pg/SG on pretty much every team. And if not he would be closing like Lou will

But tbh this guy can run an offense or play off ball. Plays phenomenal defence. Raps need to show him the money

Look at all the former raptors on the floor, kawhi, Lou will, and pattrick Patterson lol. It’s a funny game right now.

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Right ? Lol

Man raps need to eliminate these scoring droughts. It’s so bad

Harden dropping 50 no problem :muscle:

Hey guess what. This isn’t a game day thread for the NBA. This is raps Clippers thread. So make your own thread dude

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Bro your title says game day thread so I’ll use it as a game day thread

It’s the game day thread for raps. Make your own fucking thread

Game day thread not game specific thread

Not anymore. Get out of this thread

Yoo raptors getting wooped by best team in the league

Raps need playoff Serge back. Need Freddie on the floor. And need it quick. These losses are tough and keep piling up. Jesus

What you think about the raptors 13-2 record without Lowry and since his return they went 1-5

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It sucks cuz both Ibaka and Lowry we’re playing there best basketball of their career before they got injured… Now both trying hard to get back into rhythm. Ibaka had 0 pts last night. Can’t even make his signature elbow jumper. It’s pretty tough. Once they get back to playoff form we should be fine. We also lost FVV last two games

With all that being said I’m a little worried at all these losses against good teams.

don’t worry they will be alright, they just faced the best team in the league.

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