Raptors Cavs early?

Why tf is this game starting so early lol? 6pm EST on a Thursday. Thats 3pm on the west. On a Thursday. Any clue why this game is so early?

Not sure. Kinda pissed too i gotta miss half the game cuz im done work at 7 lol. BIG GAME for the boys

Makes no sense. Other game tonight is an east one so i guess i understand. Either way cavs game should have been like 7 30 and 76ers should have been 9. Its a thursday lol.

About damn time. Sick of staying up til 1AM on the east coast.

Come on man. 6pm is early for east too. 1am isnt that bad.

Even 5pm PT games are tough cz I’m still at work. I usually just watch replays 4 hours after the game on nbaall.co or nbareplaytv
The challenge is not to open twitter until then lol

Could be sooner, midnight here.

Think of how many people work. Shit when I was a kid I’d have to sneak staying up til 2AM to watch Kings/Lakers. I like the early start time, I’m off today gonna be able to catch both games.

Thats the thing. East has the option to stay up late and watch. West has no option. Either skip work or not watch. Kinda unfair is all im saying.

Well i work 2nd shift so im usually screwed either way lol