Raps vs Clippers. Nov 11th

So excited for this game. Imagine raps pull off the " fuck it lets get both mentality" tonight on this back to back

Been waiting all day. Grinding tokens. But really just wanting to watch this game vs Kawhi and the clips lol

Playing with house money tonight


Yeah I’m glad there’s no load to manage…


Weird there’s no game day thread today. :thinking:

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He would NEVER

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Not relevant to this game but did ya’ll see Tatum went 1-18 :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Any Celtics going 1-18 is music to my ears. Keep up it coming LOL

Jesus that running floater by Pascal was fucking beautiful


Its great when your best players can have an off game and still win :man_shrugging: Don’t see that happening for everyone.

it’s time to see the King of LA

Raps did it last night with pascal. He shot like ass last night haha

Man raps lost OG with an eye injury. Fuck

How the fuck is Patrick Patterson still in the league this dude is awful

y’all have a curse

it’s the Kawhi aftermath curse

Saw it live. In the flesh.

Was truly awful. Magnificently awful.

On the other hand, Luka’s a genius. Like a real basketball genius. Incredible.

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VanVleet’s shot is a thing of beauty man

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Clips heavily overrated high key offense is ass

I was there too, Luka is too good. Get that man some help.

Porzingis also needs to take over when guarded by small guys and just couldn’t.

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Guy needs a hof limitless card PLEASE

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Zingis looked like shit tonight. Totally neutralized. And mostly by Marcus Smart. Smart is one of the best defenders I’ve ever seen.


it’s just the first quarter, it’s a matter of time until the new king of the NBA will takeover the game

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