RANT: I dont know how you guys do it

I try my hardest to go 12-0 but I just can’t and I don’t know what to do other than rant about all the shit that just pisses me off about this game. Open shots? Nah, they don’t go in. I don’t even know what to say other than I am so fucking tired of hearing Kevin Harlan say “Wide open… No good!”. I am tired of my CPU teammates constantly fucking up on defense, letting the opponent go right by them or for some fucking reason standing behind my opponent instead of in front of them. Defensive settings don’t seem to matter because even with Deny Ball and Stay attached my Jeramine O’Neal is gonna leave Porzingis or whoever it is wide open in the corner so he can go over and fucking double Kareem on the 3 point line for some reason. Throw in a couple missed wide open dunks and layups too for good measure caus that shit happens constantly. Equalizer is just on a whole other level this year. My Diamond Kareem is getting torched by Emerald Brook Lopez, naturally.

Props to you guys that go 12-0, I don’t know how you do it. This is so mentally exhausting. I am so tired of playing 10+ hours worth of games only to lose to fucking Emereald Brook Lopez going 6-6 from 3.

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How often do yoy post up and run plays ? Slowing the tempo down usually drives people nuts, another important thing is to limit turnovers, get some nice steals/blocks, dont get frustrated when shit hits the fan.

If youre good with post plays, try to stick to them when 3s aint falling, the problem with shooting 3’s is that when they in, you good, when they not, you dead. Long rebounds for opponents creates fast break opportunities, and they live of those.

Anothet thing get some cutter/hand off plays. Cut 15 horns alley from Warrriors playbooks very nice.


I been bumping the dribbler then switching to whoever is screening so i can manual to defend the fade

Rashard Lewis at PG is how you do it.

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No help on drives will help to keep your Players guarding the corners

I feel you on this man. I’ve gone 11-1 twice this month and the tilt is very real. Pick and fade spam and running into God Squads is making me nuts. I lost my last 11-0 run to a guy with PD everything, AK at starting point and Galaxy Opal Wilt.

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I run plays frequently from the Pelicans playbook. Any other playbooks you recommend?
Who are some good post up players? I post up with Oscar, Jeramine and Kareem but probably not as often as I should, I’ll try it more, thanks.

I’ve been setting Help and no Rotation, I’ll try just No Help, thanks.

Yup no help. Help and no rotation is good if they cant shoot though ex - Shaq

I thought the individual help settings were specific to the player? Like you do “ help & no rotation on drives” on shaq, then other defenders will help when shaq drives?

I don’t know if I am doing defensive settings correctly for dealing with pick and rolls and pick and fades. If my opponent is running Diamond Kareem in the starting lineup and on the bench he has a shooting center like KAT or Porzingis what should my general defensive settings be, and then what should be my specific defensive settings on both Kareem to defend the roll and Kat to defend the fade?

The AI loves leaving Porzingis open for three.

If you feel like youre killing dudes with post play, continue to do that, if you feel like its not working, switch to plays and etc. Warriors playbook is money. Most importantly play calm no matter what, when people get decent lead they start to act cocky and do dumb shit, then you cut the lead and they start sweeting, i ofen find myself playing from behind not to be a huge problem.w

You gotta do the individual settings. Set guys like Deandre to leave alone and extend pressure to guys like Klay so they can’t advance the ball just past mid court and fire away from the wing. For some reason it works so much better.

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Best I can say for real is to learn to cheese and accept it that youre part of the problem.

2k wont make any solutions so you gotta do it yourself.

Thanks. Do you have any general defensive settings tips? Like do you put “No Threes” or “Stay home” or something else for example? Just in general defensive setting tips? I posted above, but my issue is dealing with Pick and Rolls and Fades.

Like for hedges theres “Hedge” and Hedge (Centre)", If my opponent is running Diamond Kareem should I be doing catch hedge for both of those settings or only "Hedge (Centre)? For Centres that fade what hedge setting should I be using? It’s things like that that I don’t know if I am doing right.

Dont need to cheese to be good, but each to their own.

I mean I only cheese on my 12-0 runs…and by cheese I mean putting Rashard Lewis at PG.

after that I play straight up once I get the card.

I dont have enough time to go 11-1 due to 2ks BS so I make the most of my TIME.

FYI on hedge settings, if you select “yes stay attached” it will override your hedge settings. You have to select no for stay attached. I personally have had the most success with no hedge - don’t stay attached. The guy just stands there between the ball handler and the fade man. But most importantly, dont be afraid to offball in the PnF/PnR

Pick and roll and pick and fade i just go over the screen manaully and then switch out to big man, i do a lot of switching on D between manaul and offball, like every second, i correct my guys positioning and then switch out, i also try to steal the ball when theyre not careful and are trying to set the big man for screen and not paying as much attention to the roller. I set play agressive/crash offensive boards, 4 out od corners.