Ranked TTO concept

I think I’d enjoy TTO a lot more if there was a way to check my skill and my winrate etc. (Inspired by games like R6 and Overwatch) For example a system where every month you play placement matches to get a rank - then from there, you get matched against people the same rank as you. At the end of the month, you get a reward, like X amount of MT and tokens and the higher your rank, the more you get. Thoughts?


2k can’t even make a ranked 5v5 mode let alone a 3v3 one.

Good idea tho. I’d suggest making tto online the same difficulty as MTU games. The green window is wider so there isn’t much skill to playing the mode.


We need to team up in TTO online. I want to play with my friends using my cards.


Random connection based matchmaking. Leave SBMM for MTU.

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That would be the best thing ever… 3vs3 with 6 players Duplicate cards not allowed
Or even a 2vs2 mode

I just want a TT play with friends mode.