Rank up your best post fade shots

So, which 5 players has best fadeaway shot for you?

I am really disappointed in Diamond Jordan fadeaway, it’s broken and 2K is so lazy to fix it.

I didn’t try Dirk, but for me, top one’s are: Bird, Malone and Kobe. AD is next there too, kind a slow, but very successful for me.


I really like TDs, Bird has a great one and even DI Magic is great against smaller, weak guards.

1.) Tracy McGrady
2.) Kevin Durant
3.) Hakeem Olajuwon (I have a moving Mid-Range shoe so he’s cash)
4.) Kobe Bryant
5.) Dwyane Wade

I haven’t used the 97 Dirk, but I imagine it to be silk. Tracy’s is just unfair.


So far, the only one that seems Dirk-esque is Jokic’s.

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Dirk is just not the same this year. 2K16 his PFA was absolutely unstoppable (as it should be, really).

Kobe, Hakeem, and actually LeBron’s have all been great for me.

Use the shot button not the shot stick for fadeaways. Makes all the difference this year for some reason.

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Dirk / Jordan / Worthy / Zingis / Sikma & Bird. Magic’s fade is not even in top 30. His hook is great though. @McBuck33ts. Sorry pal :kissing_heart:

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Does nobody else think TMac has a godly one?

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I probably havent tried it since his release is fixed.


His deep range and moving shots are so deadly, I haven’t thought about posting up for fades… I guess I know what I’m doing when I get back from work lol.

It’s ugly but it gets the job done, like my girlfriend!
Just kidding, she’s alright.



With HoF Difficult Shots and Midrange Deadeye, and a dope animation.

Is that Tmacs stats?

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Zingis is great, creates so much space. Combined with his height its unguardable. Bird is a close second.

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Amen on that Jordan fadeaway. It’s garbage and not his true signature fade. For me it’s Kobe easily. If MJ would have had the same fade animation as Kobe I would still have that MJ.

I think every player has the post hop fadeaway. That’s my favorite shot in the game