Rank These PG’s

  • Bob Cousy
  • Derrick Rose
  • Jerry West
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Gary Payton
  • Jason Kidd
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Curious for the incoming rankings … :ok_hand:t3:

Cousy #1
Rose #2
Payton & West #3
Kidd #4
Thomas #5

Cousy is the best all around to me. He can’t dunk but he is so slippery he doesn’t have to…he kills it in TTO and unlimited.

Rose is a start game God, if he had clamps and a higher 3 ball he’d be the easy # 1

Payton and west are basically the same player and both are just a step below Cousy

Thomas and Kidd are just bleh. Great facilitators with not a lot else

The true PG Goat of this game is in the PD market and his name rhymes with No bro…right?

Haven’t used West, Payton or Cousy. You have to lock 2 and exchange for one of them. I wouldnt go that route personally this early in the year but whoever did can tell you better about them.

Haven’t tried Kidd but if he has that slow jumper like you said than he aint worth it for me.

  1. Rose
  2. Thomas
  3. Curry

Im still waiting for the Alpha PG hopefully he comes Friday. I need him to dunk, shoot and clamp. Wont be too much longer.

You tried Payton? Tempted to get him of he’s playable at Pg. Rose is my man, not so happy with kidd and IT.

@12thFloor You used Fat Lever? He looks crazy. I havent seen him in any streams.

Fat Lever disappointed the first game I got him. Let Amy Walter Frazier destroy him.

Yeah we’ve yet to get the 3 in 1 guy yet. I’m
Not sure if Jo Jo gets clamps but he is the standard right now.

We don’t have 1 in the AH though, close but no cig

Yup got him and Austin Carr Today

Lever is really really nice. Super easy 3, locks down his man and can dunk which was surprising. He’s got some pretty dope sigs as well.

Him and Earl Monroe are super fun to play with in both TTO and MTU

Bronce clamps can be added on rose, helps a little bit

Payton is cool, some people on here love him…I’ve got equal or better options from the reward market so he doesn’t make my list. Fat lever and GP are basically the exact same card.

Ok i have wallace and like him the most at pf, so i lock the set. Need a solid bench Pg so bad.

Thanks for the advice

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The glove is ready to rumble :slight_smile:


I like how noone mentions Terrel Brandon from TTO because he’s so rare lmao.

He’s definitely a top PG as well though - I’d probably take him over anyone here besides Cousy/West.

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Fam, i got 500 ball drops…never even seen his card pop up ONCE.

He’s Bigfoot at this point

I don’t have either yet, but I keep hearing that Cousy is the best PG and that the logo is basically the same card.

Payton is good, Kidd and IT went straight to the AH.

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Yo bruh, this card is incredible…in.credi.ble!

Plus his badges go up to 37 gold and counting

You gotta play with him if you can

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