Rank these 3 Centers

Di 95 Robinson
PD 98 Hakeem
PD 98 Ayton

(left to right order)

On paper Ayton Hakeem Robinson.

In reality probably Ayton Robinson Hakeem.


keep the rest

Fastest, best lateral and top tier jumpshot for a big.
Post/slash takeover is overpowered, too.
Rebounding isn’t a problem because he’s 7’1 with 95 vertical.

I got used to my Admiral with 16 hof badges, so maybe I’m biased, but I ran him over every other C even before I bought a glitched one.

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Holy shit is he still glitched?

Anybody test Ayton’s release?

in real life I’d take Hakeem, D-Rob and the Ayton. but this Ayton card looks like a beast down low and a possible threat on the perimeter. So I’d go Ayton, Hakeen and then D-Rob.

Hakeem is still better. Defensive beast and a monster in the post. That 99 offensive consistency and 98 defensive is a big advantage…

Ayton release is Okay
Post Fade like greg oden but little faster :-1:t2:

i’m auto greening with ayton’s ruby release

straight butter for me came natural

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