Rank the top 3 passing Cs in the game

Was having a convo with @blakingit and wanted to know how yall stack these up centers up in terms of passing ability and vision

Mine goes as follows

Marc gasol
Al horford

What about yall ?
For the record blaking it has horford at 2

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Not a lot along that you chose…
Dray (if he’s big😃)

Not so long ago Noah and Diaw.

I know that most of them are not a typical C’s but ther"s not to much choices.

Are we talking all time or in the video game?



Kevin Love is an underrated passer, all his cards deserve HoF break starter even his sapphire.

Jokic no doubt best in the current nba.

Al Horford the do it all guy deserves a mention too.

Gotta be in real life no one using al horford in the game

Jokic is already the best passing center of all time and that’s not hyperbole

Horford is comfortably #2 today imo
And Pau has the edge over Marc

All time probably goes like

Bill Walton should be there as well.

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Sabonis, the young one is pretty amazing passer as well (for current generation).

Joker has some nice dimes but do stats back up his passing GOAT status?

Jokic is no question the best passing big. Dont need stats. Just gotta watch lol


Good place to post this. 10, 8, 7, 6, 3, 2, 1 are all examples of the insane passes that he now makes on a nightly basis. 10 is one of my personal favorites, I don’t think people quite grasp the no look aspect of that play which allowed Chandler to be wide open under the hoop because no defender knew Jokic even saw him. It’s not only the flashiness, but the combination of precision as well that sets Joker apart from everyone else that’s played the center position. That video doesn’t even feature the masterpieces he’s thrown so far this season in his career apg year.

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If you want top 3 all time its definitely:

Bill Walton/Vlade Divacs

The passers in the 80s and 90s were very entertaining to watch. To see Jokic bring this back to the current nba is so great to watch.


Pretty sure the only other center to average more assists in a season than jokic this year is Wilt ONE time. And Wilt was in his 30’s then. Jokic just turned 24

I was think currently in the league. Love is a 4 he doesnt count.

Of all time tho? Over Walton and Sabonis?

His played the C postion temporarily tho lol

Yeah, we have to factor in pace/touches a bit don’t we?

Don’t get me wrong jokic is great, but I’m not sure he is a “better” passer than Sabonis or Walton. He’s definitely a more prolific passer, because DEN straight up runs their offense through him.

Ahh i mis read that

I think once everything is said and done yeaaaa. Ive never seen a big see the floor like jokic does. But then again i wasnt around for sabonis or walton