Rank the best PG's in the game?

in need of a PG, but not really sure who to get, thoughts?

The best pg right now Pippen Takeover Reward or opal Wade


attainable PG’s haha, pippen isn’t even close to attainable

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PD evo Jeremy Lin


Opal Wade, Tmac, Pippen, Magic in order. Excluding Goats. Considering price, Magic by far.


What’s your budget?


Depends… an all around and excellent defender are Wes Unseld Glitch if you want pay less that
So much many players to chose.
The best player for money probably are Dwyane Wade Diamond.

i really didn’t like that wes, just didn’t work for me

300-350k, looking at magic or giannis, or hedo/JR and Eddy curry for bench PG

Magic, Ben, Giannis, Hedo, Oscar, lots of good options. What’s your play style?

Surprised no ones mentioned lebron. I mean value wise there’s better options, but if you’re not on an MT budget he’s the best imo

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i move the ball a lot looking for the open shot, try to be like the spurs

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It all depends how you play…
A lot of people loves Magic and I’ve used him for a while and I just found he wasn’t for me

As a big I would recommend Ben Simmons or Giannis
If not try OP Rose he is still up there or PD Wade

My man. I love to hear that, haha. You’ll want someone who can drive and kick, also hit off the catch well. Hedo, Oscar, JR, PD Wade, Evo Simmons all great options. Magic too if you can get his release down. All cards can play all styles at this point so it’s who you like and who’s animations you like really

But Magic’s release except you have it down is bait.

Magic hands down. His dunk package/tendency is smth else. Glitchy btb and once you’ve his Release down , it’s Green Green

Magic forsure, jr honourable mention, that boy is a problem

In all of those options, I would try jr

I’ve only been using the Frostbite Magic duo with Kareem, and he is goated even at that level.

also have ben / oscar and he is easily better than them

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  1. Pippen
  2. Tmac
  3. Bron
  4. Magic
  5. Simmons