Race to Level 40 Anybody have Melo?


Says he’s available now!

There are people on Twitter that have posted about having him.

I’m level 33.

RJwattstv and chanler_greg were apparently among the first to get him yesterday. There are a couple different gameplays up on YouTube.


You guys need to grind IRL man it’s more beneficial


It is a super slow grind this season. So much original owner and so much behind the most expensive diamond etc. Melo looks really good but I bet it’s 50 hours beyond At least anything you would want to do to play the game.

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I’m Lvl 33. I’ll get him eventually, no rush. Still got almost 3 weeks.

If you’re a streamer or content creator I definitely understand the grind to get him fast.

22k away. Soon

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Level 37 I’ve done most besides certain diamonds guys, ttonline grinds, and holo cards lol they a pain to look for.

Just finished.


Lol looks like you’ve probably got every card in the game

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No cap.

bro…. how much money have you spent? genuinely curious… very nice squad!

I got him this morning and juiced him


I’m at 12K xp and I got the game after the first weekend. No Melo for me, lol.

I was thinking about going after the diamond contract but it seems like way to much grinding this early in the cycle.

Does Melo step on the 3 point line in the corners on the PS4 generation still?

I’m at level 37…on 2K21 :joy:


51k away but only have 12 days before vacation

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His emerald does so yes, very annoying