R.I.P Pelicans 💀

It’s a wrap. Pelicans need to focus on resigning DeMarcus and getting ready for next season. It was a fun year with a lot of ups and downs. Warriors look like they will take this one and end it at Oracle

It is. Unfortunately. To beat the Warriors you HAVE to shoot at least around 50% or somehow figure out how to stymie them to the tune of 40-45%; which is obviously bloody impossible when you have three of the MOST EFFICENT shooters in the history of the game. I honestly can’t imagine any team ever beating them in 7. It’s almost scientifically impossible lol. Teams get better as they play together over time, just take a look at the Spurs and how finetuned that system was for so damn long. Now imagine a team like that but with immense offensive firepower and a defensive anchor that’s a perennial DPOY candidate! It’s the closest thing to a basketball team resembling the fuckin Avengers. This is coming from a guy who would LOVE to see them lose. There is no way I’ll bet against them though.

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Lol it seems like it, lets just hope Houston get thru utah with no injuries so we can get a epic wcf

That will be the finals unless somehow Cleveland has a second gear defensively that’s sustainable. Nothing shows any inclination to that being possible.

I’d rather see Utah and GSW. I have a feeling the Rockets are going to get absolutely wrecked by the Warriors. Utah would put up a better fight in my opinion.

To be honest they are beatable. Two years ago Cleveland did a fantastic job of slowing the game down to a complete grind and that’s what it’ll take. They’ve gotta go out there and get the shit bullied out of them. Slow it down, pound the paint, and body them on defense. Durant and Curry both have fractured at times in their career with that style of play. You have a shoot out with them and you’re catching the whole clip, game over.

You’re fully justified in saying this. I’ll respectfully disagree. I think they’re better than ever now that they’ve had even more time to play together. They’re just too easily bored and arrogant. My only worry with them is that they’re too carefree and disengaged. I don’t see that happening this late in the playoffs after they dropped the NBA Finals after going up 3-1.

Wait, what exactly are you disagreeing with? I’m saying they’re basically unstoppable.

Hmm, I thought you said “to be honest they are beatable.” Meaning, GSW is beatable.

Ahh yes, they are. Any team is beatable. Their 3-1 collapse was evident of that at the end of what was the all-time greatest season by a team ever. People still argue they were better that year than they are now. No one in the entire world thought they could have loss that year. Nick Foles destroyed the Patriots even with a super bowl record performance out of Tom Brady. Speaking of Patriots, their only perfect season came to an end against the Giants via the helmet catch. UMBC beat Virginia this year. America beat the Soviets on ice in 1980. The list goes on. It’s basketball and anything can happen. If you completely change the complexion of the game and take away their play style then yes they’re beatable. Any team is beatable. Anything is possible. Doesn’t mean I think it’ll happen. Just saying it’s possible.


Fair enough!

(I think that collapse revealed how important Draymond is to their entire enterprise. They looked absolutely lost and soft without him. It also revealed how important Kyrie is/was. The loss of Kyrie really dropped the ceiling on the Cavs for me.)

I agree. Draymond fits that system and those stars perfectly. It’s crazy how some people can become the product of their surroundings. They would not be the same without him, and yet if you put him on any other team (other than maybe the Rockets/Celtics) that teams value will barely rise. He has always been a winner and is a great basketball player but he wouldn’t be discussed as much anywhere else. I agree about the Cavs as well. The only thing they got in return worth a damn was the Nets pick. IT is undersized and thrived being the ball dominant guy surrounded by shooters. That sounds a lot like Lebron James, so how does an undersized duplicate fit in? He doesn’t. That trade broke my heart as a basketball fan, but I look forward to what he can do in Celtic green.

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