R.I.P. Inflated Market for Silvers (For Now?)

Prices surely will go up…but actually probably will dive more with new packs in boxes on Friday. Then question is: how high of a price can they return to, and how long does that take? Presumably will be busted again, with less of a recovery with next pack release. And also with additions to Historics.

Hopefully you weren’t holding on to many of these. I was lucky to be able to put the 10 or so I had up for sale when the new packs were announced.

god I cant wait to get home. Maybe I can hit 1000 cards tonight lol

Prices are through the roof right now on xbox


Yeah idk wth hes talking about haha everything is so expensive. I dont expect to be completing any sets for a while

Damn youd think it would be the opposite

oh and 1200 is not cheap when we know these cards are barely worth 500


Exactly I last checked about 2hrs ago and there are still heaps of silvers and bronzes going for 1-3k. I even sold a few at these prices.

1k is good for now, but they’ll all be 500 soon enough

damn im gonna need to start buying players soon to hit 1000 cards, I got almost everything else. im hoping when they fully release packs on Fri, there will be alot cheaper prices

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I’d love from all the silver, gold, and bronzes to hit 500-750 MT. Then I can scoop them all up and lock NBA '19 on the cheap :slight_smile:

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I’m still slowly working to 250 but I’m also not hoarding… Yet

The other thing I’m wary of is the next weekly challenge having a player/team requirement

Ive been bid sniping most my shit for 350-500MT … Im at almost 650 with about 100k to spend

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Nice work! The hoarder in me is really struggling to not spend all my mt on these cards now haha

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There’s only 3 silvers under 1500 on XB1

lol thats depressing

Same! Sitting on a ton of MT. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s hard…

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Relativity. 1200 was pretty much cheapest any Silver was. And many were going for 4K+. Even higher…much higher. Earlier today, I sold 7 x Silver for about 26K.

Im speaking long term. I know these are all overinflated but I cant see them holding value all year

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Sure, of course. But when Shake was referring to them as “cheap,” he was speaking in the short term.

I wish I had the time to do the math on how much it costs to lock in NBA 19’ right now. Anyone bored enough to give me an estimate?


Heres a lazy calculation

30 teams with 15 players on average.
450 players x 3k per player

1.35 mill lol

I think ive calculated that right but im thinking its closer to 1.5 upwards