Quotes not showing in quoted posts

I don’t know if this is possible but at times it makes it hard to see what people are replying to. Any plans on implementing something where the quoted posts shows on the reply without having to hit the drop down arrow?

Other than this site looks good. Maybe a little bit more color to the forum would be nice but overall it’s clean. Well done guys

to quote all you need to do is highlight the text.

The problem is more that people aren’t using the controls to include quoted text.

Which could be solved with having full quoted text when one hits Reply. But then you get opposite issue of almost all replies including full quotation, including super-long quotation and that’s maybe even more annoying to have to scroll through.

I think it’s fine the way it is and I wish people would Quote Text more often when replying. Select what makes sense to quote, for context, not necessarily the whole message.

Quotes are not working for me I quote somebody, it shows them in the top left as quoted then when I reply it’s just a single reply without their name quoted. It’s really annoying lol

You need to highlight text to quote it. Are you doing that?

Ahh like this? lol thanks I never knew you had to highlight. It’s weird because I usually just hit the reply arrow and it works, but then times it won’t work.

I don’t know how it would work without highlighting text. You have to highlight text to get the quoted text inserted.

Hitting Reply will simply allow the system to show which message you replied to, and for someone to go from that message to yours very easily, in a long thread.

When I hit the reply arrow it doesn’t quote the text but it’ll have the name of the person I quoted right above the post. Unless only I see that from my side.

That’s not quoting a post. That’s replying to it.

Quoting a post is having text from that post in your reply.

So if I just reply to a post they get a notification?

Yes. You’ve been getting notifications when I reply to you, but don’t quote you, right?

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Yup for sure it’s working then. I’m trippin