Any of you guys quit modern warfare?

I know quite a few play it… But I’m back on BO4 since MW is an absolute non sense with campers all over the place and just terrible game play.

Even bigger youtubeurs are starting to quit…

I’m not coming back until modern warfare 2

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Whats this free for battle Royale 200 people thing releasing soon ?

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Idk. I guess some shit between blackout in BO4 and Fortnite. But once again, you will have all the noobies in every corner and the colors are so shittily done that you will never see anyone and get killed by people out of nowhere.

I regret spending money to buy this game and buying battlepass season 1.

I will never go back to this game, not even in 10 years…
and the issue out of that all is that it’s going to promote camping into the next CoDs…

Apparently it’s free tho. So I’ll try. Lol. I was a big halo guy. Played a bit of cod. But never got crazy into it

Really? where have you seen that? I thought it was in game like Blackout and free for those who have the game… but idk i must be wrong :smiley:

I haven’t quit per se but I don’t play much anymore. I paid for the S1 battlepass and didn’t finish it. I thought rust and the ump45 would make me want to play more but after a few games I’m over it.

Once battle royal comes back then I’m back in, I still play every now and then, it’s a nice change of pace

How do you guys play an unrealistic shooter like that . You literally spawn behind ppl in that game :rofl: no tilt no realistic ballistics game is for the young boys

I’m a young boy but I don’t enjoy it at all.

Whether you spawn kill on shipment with your friends and get abt 10 nukes an evening or get spawned and die 10 times before even being able to quit the game.

That’s why I gave up. I thought hmmmm I’ll install it again when Season 2 comes but I just don’t want to anymore so I’ll leave it in the CD

Haven’t played since december


I like both MW and BLOPS, but for some reason I’m much better at MW. Had a lot of fun with BLOPS though.

You must be a camper then :stuck_out_tongue:

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BO4 sucks, ww2 was underrated

I agree. I preferred BO2, BO3.

I think WW2 was too easy. As a sniper, quickscoping became way too easy for anyone whereas BO4 is a hard game

Just play gunfight…that shit is fun and it is played on a small map so there are not campers.

If you pay attention to the playlist for COD league the game types require that you move to secure a point or objective. Quit playing normal shitty ass team camp like a pussy deathmatch.

That’s not very nice of you, Stationary Outdoorsman Survivalist is more PC. :upside_down_face:

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Actually I’m the opposite :joy: run n’ gun

I haven’t played since November

Bo4 zombies was disappointing, but I guess the multiplayer wasn’t bad.

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