Hey here’s a question for you…
I play online occasionally, and I’m not good. So I get blown out fairly often. I never quit, figuring I might learn something watching good players. Is this proper “etiquette”,(?) or is it better to quit so the other player can move on to the next game??

You just wasting people time, quit, I hate playing people who getting smacked by 20 plus but wanna stay the whole game.

Do what u want to do. You’re playing the game to enjoy yourself, not cater to your opponent.


Fair enough… thanks


People play to learn.


Ask your opponent

I don’t quit myself, and would recommend doing the same as long as you can stay competitive. If they are up 30 in the first half, probably leave. But definitely stick with your mentality of trying to learn and improve.

I respect you playing to the end. Also, I have been down 20 in the first, and come back. You never know when you can swing back the same way someone swung ahead.


If you want to stay and learn, stay and learn. Heck, shoot your opponent a message afterwards and say you’re new, still learning, and want some tips. You’ll have some jerks that say “You should’ve quit when you’re getting smacked by 20”, but you’ll be surprised how many people are actually nice enough to want to help you out :slight_smile:


Don’t quit you’ll never get better if you do


Don’t quit. Gameplay = experience, and tbh, I love playing against players who aren’t that good yet still stay in the game. It means that I…

A.) Get to enjoy the game without too much pressure
B.) Get to experiment with plays
C.) Appreciate the etiquette

Then again, I do not play MTU at all lmao.


Ill remember that when I blow you out next time we play


Never get quitters when I’m on my 12-0 run. Always get quitters after I’m done with it and just want to mess around. :unamused:

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Even just thinking about it in an economical sense, you’re hurting yourself by quitting in terms of MT/contract loss. So just let it fly. The only time they (or anyone) should give a damn about you quitting is if it’s during tournament play anyways.

Its your decision and how you feel about the match. If you don’`t care that you lose, you should play till the end. If it feeds you with anger you should leave.

Wanna put a bet on that? 200k say you won’t even come close to beating me

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You seem really secure.

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Just play it out and learn. Try out plays in your playbook. Also getting the mt at the end of the game does not hurt