Quit with w for too many penalties?

So my question is if this prompt comes up and you do quit out will you get the w? I know the opponent pause timer running out gave a loss to me when I accepted on a similar message earlier in the year. I played out a game today because I was scared of getting the loss but some kid just left without quitting in the 2nd and it was one boring experience.

I’d also like to take this post to call out this loser. His name was Larrythird on psn. The dude had the audacity to flip out and yell over his mic for a solid 2 mins when he came back and paused the game multiple times. I didnt hear anything he said or care to listen but all I could make out with my headphones next to me on the armrest was some high pitched voice whining and carrying on over and over, pathetic I guess he prob expected me to quit out.

No you get the w

How many fouls did it take?

Ok good to know I won’t waste my time if it happens again, thanks.

I’m not sure but the message popped up 3 times because of the constant 5 second violations, I just took the possessions to get evo pts for pippen at least.

I’ve had a guy get 18 fouls and the game not end. It’s annoying

Maybe it only works for 5 sec violations as a trigger for ppl not being active.