Quit losses

Just had two back to back quite from my opponents turn in to losses for me. Wtf? This better not be 2k17 all over again

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Same thing happened to me bro. Not sure if it’s the servers or what. Seems like it might be the reason

Unlimited too? smh it is in tto atm for me

literally just made this same post , did you get dan yet?

Seems too much of a coincidence. Has to be the servers

Which actually pisses me off more

It gave me a loss in a Dom game. Seriously, 2k?

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Well someone else rage quit. Let’s see the result

I just spanked a dude and got the L

L. It’s 2k

I didnt receive my Domination win as well. 2k really owes me

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Yea that’s back to back and ended my streak. 2nd time 2k has done this to me

I’m logging off it’s def the servers. Just played a game of TT and won and it still gave me a L. Sad day for a ATL fan smh

So it’s happening in every mode, online and offline?

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I bet mycareer works :roll_eyes:

Seems to be the case

That’s terrible. It’s single handily fucked up my progress streaks in both game modes

Naturally. Of course it would turn out that the servers don’t work on the day I set aside to make the run for Issel lol.

Anyone lose and get a w? Lol

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Just won 2 All-time Domination games and got nothing. I just wasted an 1hour and half of my life. I paid for a game that doesnt work on the weekends fucking great.

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