Quietest weekend?

First year playing My Team, but damn, is this the quietest weekend for nothing this year and does this happen from time to time? No new cards, no drops, no locker codes. Zilch!?

Dropping Buzzer Beater on a Thursday made no sense to me tbh, should’ve dropped a Promo yesterday with the Opal Tatum then included Zion, Ja, Bamba, Reddish, etc. Doesn’t help when these Mystery Packs aren’t great either

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Yah, i have been playing for like a month and i agree with you. However, we are expecting Massive content this coming week. Maybe All-time sim, and a big content drop soon enough.

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yep, i’m hoping for a new grind, lol, seriously, I am! Something to look forward to for a more offline player:)

Dropping a lot of good players now is kinda bad for 2k. They’re in content saving mode. Because NBA to resume so they might still be going for months. Releasing very few cards+ super packs saves the further content and still let’s them rack up $$$


COVID 19/NBA Season canceled prolly put a massive damper in there plans with moments cards and future release promos.

Also with BLM there not releasing any content for profit this weekend.

Literally probably the most quite weekend youll see from 2k ever, and there’s good reason.

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